You cannot discover new oceans unless
you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
-  André Gide
Norwegian artist. 
Through images, video and objects, I search with a language fueled by pressure, questions and redemption originating from being raised on a remote island. ​​​​​​​
2019               Exchange. Fine Arts, Willem De Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2017 - 2020   Bachelor Fine Arts, The Art Academy, Department of Contemporary Art, Bergen  
2016 - 2017   Prosjektskolen Kunstskole, Oslo
2015 - 2016   Mediaproduction, NTNU, Gjøvik 
2009 - 2011   Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Oslo

2019 IT'S ABOUT TIME, Vega Verdensarvsenter, Vega
2019 TOUNGES, Pink Pank, Rotterdam Netherlands. May 11-15
2018 JANASAVJE, Gladstad Prestegård, Vega
2018 1 Year of Sameness (Collective Banality), First year exhibition, Studentsenteret, Bergen
2017 Graduation exhibition, Prosjektskolen Kunstskole, Oslo
2016 Landart, Brucstock Music and Art Festival, El Bruc (Can Serrat) Spain, Oct 28-30
2012 Vegadagene, Gladstad Prestegård, Vega
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